Randomness in the universe

  • Overheard at the water cooler.

"Ice is like water, only cold"
Really? You don't say! Moving on.

  • Chat with a friend after acquiring the Iphone 3GS

S: hi Ms Iphone :D
me: hullo!
S: how do you like it?
me: i want to make babies with my iphone
S: maast ki
me: i'm so in love with it
S: i am pretty sure they must have app for that too :D

(Furiously checking if that statement is true.)

Spring Blooms

I used to know a love song
It was something about a flower
That blossomed out to early
When a sunny day turned sour
Only for an hour
There's a blossom in the snow
The innocence is beautiful
But what a way to go....
Frozen in the snow
Spring is coming
Frozen in the snow

--David Wilcox (Frozen in the snow)


Jaage hai...

Jaage hai der tak hume, kuch der sone do.
Thodi se raat aur hai, subah to hone do.
Adhe adhure khwab jo pure na ho sake,
ek baar firse neend mein woh khwab bone do.

Its been so long since I've felt this motivated. I want to feel, feel with every fibre of my being, but that kind if energy is so hard to find on some days.

Ek khwab tut jaane ka ehsas hi to hai, thodi si raat aur, sarhad paas hi to hai.

This morning, I woke up with no dreams, no desires and a feeling of complete detachment from life. Its not new for me, has happened before, will happen again. But this time, it just gets worse as I realise that my attempts to keep something alive are simply not working. Can't muster enough emotion to be scared or even care.

Today, writing shall be my salvation. I will write till the fingers fall off and the tears come. Other blogs will be heavily updated :)

I wonder....

...when I'll stop writing 08 and start writing 09.
It took me half of last year to learn.
Just when I did, the world changed.
Just as I drifted off to sleep, the night changed.

You know its cold when....

...icecream left on the window sill refuses to change from its solid block consistency.

piping hot coffee, let me rephrase that, scalding hot coffee turns to slushy cold coffee withing the time it takes for you to lift your mug to your lips.

sexy nights with the husband mean wearing your best granny thermals and rubbing hands together in a futile attempt to stay warm.

you learn to to sleep in one position all night, if you move, another part of the bed has to be warmed up all over again.

pee actually forms steam as it reaches the bowl. True story.

All those people writing odes to fresh snow and singing about the romance of winter can stuff it. I want coke with ice, moisture beads forming on the glass, dingy fan stirring up stale air, sweaty armpits airing through sleeveless cotton blouses, melting puddles of kulfi, pepsi cola in platic tubes, short shorts and tank tops, dusty beams of bright sunlight, all night card games in the garden with mosquitoes, the smell of mangoes ripening in hay, glasses of freshly churned buttermilk, shimmering tar roads in the afternoon sun...everything that is not winter.

Said the skunk to the skank...

Said the skunk to the skank..'Trust me' and she did.

'I care about you'...the skunk cooed, 'Meh!' the skank cooed right back.

'Step into my lair' said the skunk,

'Do you have any sugar?' the skank wanted to know.

'Yes, yes, sugar and more! Humongous cubes of sugar, tottering piles of sugar!'

'Alrighty then, lead the way.'..she was a skank, you see.

But salt was all the skunk had, so the skank ate him instead. Wiped her lips and went on her skanky way.

Return of the BFF

The BFF is back...and brought with her,

Giggly conversations, more giggles than any conversation actually,
Silly little pet names,
A language, incomprehensible to anybody else outside our sphere,
Mundane life occurrences, detailed and analyzed to death,
Countless phone conversations throughout the day to wail about boring state of existence,
Random nonsense and wise-beyond-her-years sense,
Shopping trips,
Sprinkling ' so BFF said..., BFF thinks...' liberally in arguments with the hubby,
Gossip, mean and bitchy,
Urges to shower each other with unnecessary gifts, justifying it as NOT shopping for self,
A safe place to always to go to,
Opinions- loads of them, about everything under the sun
Sabudana khichadi

Wordless acceptance, unconditional love, a patient ear, TLC, motherly warmth and so much more.
So much happiness.

Welcome back. You have been missed much.